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The Leader in CAD And ERP Data Integration

 Leader in CAD And ERP Data Integration Solutions



Cut Engineering Costs By Up to 20%

Time Savings

One of the key benefits of our Agni Link CAD-ERP Data Integration System is the complete elimination of manual data transcription between the CAD and ERP “silos” of information.  Moreover, bidirectionality means reduced data entry by CAD users, since preexisting data can be brought into the CAD system in just one click.

Reduce costly errors on the shop floor

Ensuring that design (CAD/PDM) and production (ERP) data are always in sync usually brings a dramatic reduction of errors on the shop floor

Easy Setup

Implementation Support

Elmo Solutions’ enhanced support programs such as JumpStart and BigBangBOMs bring added value to the already outstanding support that comes with our solution, thus further increasing ROI

Ongoing Support

The value of a software solution depends greatly on the quality of the post-implementation support you get from the vendor. The Elmo Solutions Annual Support & Maintenance Plan extends the value of your initial investment by leveraging the constant improvements on our solution, as well as our excellent end-user support

Be Nimble, Be Quick!

Customers expect your business to react quickly

The ability to instantly communicate changes in CAD/PDM data to the production (ERP) team translates into a much greater capacity to adapt to the ever changing needs of your customers. An invaluable competitive advantage that you can be acquired at a nominal cost, considering the benefits.

Tools must adapt, too!

Your hands should never be tied by a CAD-ERP integration solution that lacks flexibility because of a flawed architecture or too much rigidity. If your need changes, the CAD-ERP integration solution should follow suit, and allowed a total change in functionality, if required, without any external help. Only Agni Link will allow that.