JumpStart Program

 Enhance the value of your CAD-ERP data integration with the JumpStart Program

Enhance the ROI… Sign Up for the JumpStart Program

Elmo Solutions, responding to numerous customer requests through years of hands-on experience, has designed the JumpStart Program, a critical implementation program for Agni Link technology. This complete best practice, service, and training package is designed to “JumpStart” your business processes into a more efficient working ERP-CAD data integration or data management solution, in just a few hours.

Adopting a new ERP-CAD data integration or data management solution can have a significant impact on your business processes. The Jumpstart Programs will help you smoothen that transition.


Who Can Benefit

New or existing customers that are considering, or have already invested in Agni Link.

Financial Benefits

Turnkey, rapidly deployed solutions with no hidden costs, ensure a quicker and more significant return on your software investment.

Personal benefits

Peace of mind resulting from an improved customer experience throughout the implementation process.


What’s included

Elmo Solutions’ JumpStart Programs are packaged service offerings that cover the full range of implementation support services, among which:

  • End-user and administrator interviews
  • Preliminary analysis
  • Business process analysis
  • Business process improvement recommendations
  • Implementation planning
  • Deployment support
  • End-user training
  • Administrator training
  • Post-implementation administrator and end-user support
  • Follow-up on implementation
  • ROI validation