The Best ERP-CAD Link Money Can Buy

The SAP ERP – CAD Link:

Agni Link is the outstanding add-in to AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, SOLIDWORKS, PTC and Siemens CAD/PDM/PLM applications that brings a real-time, bidirectional link between your engineering systems and SAP ERP, all under total customer and user control.


– SAP ERP is the de facto industry standard worldwide – offered for 25 industries, in 37 languages, at 45 localizations;


The reason SAP ERP is so successful is that its nearly 50,000 customers have helped shape its scope through programs like Customer Influence. The latest enhancement package (EhP8) is no exception. Release highlights include improved functionalities for:

  • Industries: retail, insurance, oil & gas, utilities, public sector, media, and plant maintenance
  • Lines of business: R&D engineering, finance, commodity management, and HCM
  • Easier conversion to the SAP S/4HANA in-memory ERP suite


See It In Action:


Benefits of Agni Link


Reduce Design Time by Up To 25%

In ETO-intensive manufacturing companies, anywhere between 5% and 25% of the total engineering is devoted to the transfer of Bills of Materials from engineering to manufacturing. Automating that process translates into dramatic savings... and improved lead time.

Elimination of Costly Errors on Factory Floor

Increased BoM accuracy brings increased product quality, better yield on raw materials... and lower production costs.

Rapid Return On Investment

Agni Link usually pays for itself very quickly. Recovery periods of 180 days or less are not uncommon.

Easy Does It.

Easy to deploy. Easy to use. Easy to maintain. And always under total control of the customer... and customer's users.


Automatic Error Detection and Correction

Agni Link's unique architecture allows not only preventing, but also automatic resolution of discrepancies, based on rules over which the customer has complete control. Just another way we can maximize your engineers' engineering time.

No. Programming. Ever.

An Agni Link customer has full control over the integration process, thanks to the Agni Link Configuration Builder. Add as many mappings as you like, modify or suppress existing mappings. Transform, process and validate data by your own rules. Without any programming whatsoever.

Value-Added Services

The JumpStart (implementation support) and BigBangBoMs (Data Initialization) Programs greatly enhance the value of the solution by bringing complementary services... for a fixed fee. No surprises!

Up And Running in 30 days... or less.

From the kick-off meeting to the final rollout, a typical implementation is normally completed within 20 business days.


Agni Link currently works in English and French. Configuring other languages is a straightforward process, and can be easily done upon request.