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Elmo Solutions Partners Program for ERP, CAD, PDM and PLM partners

This section is dedicated to Elmo Solutions Partners. We want to make the most valuable tool to help our partners get the most out of Elmo Solutions technologies and programs. Apply now… No Nonsense, No Commitment!
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  • Enhances partner’s offering
    • Adds rich features to your existing solution
  • Generates revenue
    • You get commission on the first sale we make to your customer
  • Minimal effort required
    • You have nothing to do, besides referring opportunities
  • Trouble-free
    • No training required
    • No investment
  • Better customer experience
  • No commitments
    • No minimum

Program Objectives

  • Enhancing ERP partners’:
    • Offering
    • Revenue
    • Customer base
  • Leverage ERP partners’ existing customer base

Eligible Products

  • Agni Link CAD-ERP Integration System
    • Licenses
    • Customization
  • Software Services
    • Custom Development