CAD-ERP Integration Done Right – Finally!

The outstanding companion product to your CAD/PDM/PLM application that brings a live, bidirectional link between your CAD/PDM/PLM system and your MRP/ERP system. By virtually eliminating redundant multiple data entry, it typically pays for itself in 60-90 days. Agni Link can process not only parts and components data, but also bills of materials and routing schedules. It’s the Top of the crop in the CAD-ERP Integration world.

The Elmo offering is the brainchild of the Elmo Solutions R+D team, strong of nearly 20 years experience in the development of CAD/PDM/PLM applications. Those quality-obsessed people have designed the entire series around a most important feature that is often left out in the PLM industry: the customer’s freedom of choice.

The Powerful Agni Link CAD-ERP Data Integration Dashboard

The Agni Link Integration Dashboard – A Powerful Tool to make CAD-ERP data integration a breeze.

The new Agni Link Configuration Builder gives customers total control over their CAD-ERP integration by allowing them to create or modify their own mappings.

The new Agni Link Configuration Builder gives customers total control over their CAD-ERP integration by allowing them to create or modify their own mappings.


What Our Customers Say

  • “It is completely automatic.”
  • “… performs well and we have had no downtime as a result of using this product.”
  • “We update […] 1000 items per month.”
  • “Our application then is more complex […] as we calculate the no of sheets of material to lasercut 12,500 parts from in 15-20 different sheet sizes based on this data transferred which has to be exactly up to date.”
  • “We chose Agni Link as they understood the transfer requirement.”
  • “They completed the project on schedule and on budget.”
  • “They have supported the product.”
  • “All pretty straightforward…”

The Process

Agni Link is the most advanced CAD-ERP integration system currently available. As an add-in to AutoCAD, SolidWorksAutodesk Inventor or Solid Edge that offers a unique, reliable and cost-effective way to integrate CAD/PLM applications with virtually any ERP, MRP, BPM, CRM or other system. Agni Link can process and synchronize a wide range of data from either side, including, but not limited to:

  • Product Data: Automatically updates and/or creates component, subassembly or assembly data in ERP system
  • Bills Of Materials: Automatically updates BoM items quantities in ERP/MRP system
  • Routing Instructions: Edits and automatically inserts routing data into a CAD document

Agni Link tackles the CAD-ERP data integration issue through this simple, yet powerful process:

  1. Get existing CAD and ERP data from their respective databases
  2. Automatically resolve discrepancies between CAD and ERP data
  3. Allowing the CAD user to edit the data, always validating it in real time against the ERP data
  4. Automatically creating the required CAD and ERP data objects, if required
  5. Simultaneously updating CAD and ERP data

Agni Link currently ships in 2 languages (English and French). Other languages can be accommodated upon request.

Benefits of Agni Link

Reduce Design Time by Up To 25%

In ETO-intensive manufacturing companies, anywhere between 5% and 25% of the total engineering is devoted to the transfer of Bills of Materials from engineering to manufacturing.  Automating that process translates into dramatic savings... and improved lead time.

Elimination of costly errors on factory floor

Increased BoM accuracy brings increased product quality, better yield on raw materials... and lower production costs.

Rapid Return On Investment

Agni Link usually pays for itself very quickly.  Recovery periods of 90 days or less are not uncommon.

Easy Does It.

Easy to deploy.  Easy to use.  Easy to maintain.  And always under total control of the customer... and customer's users.

Automatic Error Detection and Correction

Agni Link's unique architecture allows not only preventing, but also automatic resolution of discrepancies, based on rules over which the customer has complete control.  Just another way we can maximize your engineers' engineering time.

No.  Programming.  Ever.

An Agni Link customer has full control over the integration process, thanks to the Agni Link Configuration Builder.  Add as many mappings as you like, modify or suppress existing mappings. Define data validity by your own rules.  Without any programming whatsoever.

Value-Added Services

The JumpStart (implementation support) and BigBangBoMs (Data Initialization) Programs greatly enhance the value of the solution by bringing complementary services... for a fixed fee.  No surprises!


Up And Running in 30 days... or less.

From the kick-off meeting to the final rollout, a typical implementation is normally completed within 20 business days.



Agni Link currently works in English and French.  Configuring other languages is a straightforward process, and can be easily done upon request.

Elmo Solutions’ Agni Link is currently available as an add-in to the following platforms:

CAD applications

Planned CAD applications

ERP Integrations

Planned ERP Integrations

Agni Link can also be easily and cost-effectively adapted to virtually any CAD, PDM, PLM, ERP, MRP, CRM, BPM or other system. Do not hesitate to contact us to inquire about availability for other applications that may require CAD/PDM/PLM data integration.