Is PDM needed for CAD and ERP data integration?

In the given information space, PDM & ERP systems are regarded as tools that are known to perform various functions while complementing each other’s tasks at the same time. PDM system is known to be designed towards managing the product’s manufacturing –right from the creation of the initial documentation to the final release date. At the same time, the ERP system is known to make use of the available information about the given product with the help of the PDM system. It uses the same to deliver information support to the respective enterprise management of financial and production resources.

The combined use of the given systems helps in providing a specific organization complete control over the respective processes of production. With the help of ERP & PDM integration applications such as Agni Link, the latest data with respect to the product is made available to the users on an immediate basis. At the same time, it can also be utilized by the essential organizational departments for ensuring effective production as well as resource planning. This turns out to be an important decision in context with the modern highly competitive era.

This is the reason why leading ERP systems are nowadays paying attention to PDM integrations. They do so in the pursuit of providing ERP with engineering as well as normative information constantly for significantly reducing the overall data redundancy & maintaining the overall integrity.

Relevance of the Role of PDM in ERP Integration

The primarily objective of ERP & PDM integration is to ensure maximum transparency with respect to the management of enterprise-specific production & that of financial data. A uniform approach regarding the automation processes is going to allow the users ensure control over resource spending, make out production, and create a list of products as well as the respective costs –all in the given information space.

Some of the potential benefits of the given integration in comparison to individual solutions for production tasks are:

  • Data is required to be written only once in the given system because of the presence of the unified information space. This helps in reducing the overall chances of discrepancies in available information due to various sources.
  • Exclusion of specific data-entry systems or users.
  • Elimination of the fragmentation of the respective information flows in the given enterprise.
  • All modifications to the existing data are implemented through a system while being updated automatically.

Integration Tasks for PDM & ERP

Successful integration of CAD software and an ERP system in any given enterprise would depend on the quality of business models. At the same time, it also depends on the overall transparency as well as effective management of business processes across the enterprise. Another major role is played by experienced personnel when it comes to minimizing the overall waste. All departments and employees of the organization should feel motivated to work with the given system in real time. The primary task is to ensure the effective integration of the respective production processes with the help of PDM-ERP support system.

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