By registering an opportunity below, you agree to the following rules of engagement. Please read them carefully.


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  • Opportunity registration is official only after confirmation by Elmo Solutions. Only the partner who first registers the opportunity can be commissioned on a successful sale


  • A confirmed opportunity registration is valid for 60 days from date of confirmation. Expired opportunities can be extended at Elmo Solutions' sole discretion


  • Partner commission applies to the initial sale to the customer for a complete system, including:
    • Software licenses
    • Support & maintenance fees for the terms paid initially by the customer (one year or more)
    • Elmo Solutions services (JumpStart, Custom Configuration, etc.)
  • When registering an opportunity, partner's preference must be indicated - options are:
    • Elmo Solutions invoices the customer, and pays commission to the partner once customer payment is received in full
    • Elmo Solutions invoicing the partner for the price agreed with the customer, minus the commission to the partner
  • Commission or discount can only be granted to the partner who received confirmation from Elmo Solutions that the opportunity is approved
  • Commission can only be paid if customer's order is issued within 60 days of confirmation of opportunity registration

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