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Agni Link integrates bidirectionally (CAD/PDM/PLM) Manufacturing (ERP/MRP/BPM)

Elmo Solutions Announces Immediate Availability Of New Agni Link 6 – A CAD-ERP Data Integration System With A Powerful Integration Dashboard


Quebec, Canada, November 24, 2015Elmo Solutions, the leader in ERP-CAD data integration, announces the immediate availability of Agni Link 6. Agni Link is a compan­ion to SolidWorks, AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor that provides real-time, bidirectional data integration with ERP systems, among which:

The Agni Link Integration Dashboard

The Agni Link Integration Dashboard simultaneously displays information for the entire Bill of Materials, as well as specific component data. It makes extensive use of color-coding to indicate any issues or warnings priot to the actual integration.

This outstanding application offers a unique and reliable way to integrate PDM and ERP data, automatically resolving discrepancies, and allowing editing of CAD and PDM data using possible values obtained “live” from the ERP application, thus ensuring perfect synchronization of both data sets and completely eliminating redundant data entry as well as eliminating costly errors.  Agni Link can process and synchronize a wide range of product data from either environment, including:

  • Bills of Materials (BoMs)
  • Jobs
  • Sales Quotes
  • Work Orders
  • Production Orders
  • CRM

Yielding an unusually high Return on Investment, Agni Link typically pays for itself in 60-90 days in ETO-intensive environments. Elmo Solutions Science Officer, Ricardo Talbot said: “We are very excited to introduce this long-awaited breakthrough edition of the most advanced and efficient method of integrating the CAD/PDM and ERP silos of information. The new release brings really exciting new features and benefits that dramatically enhance the value of our CAD-ERP data integration offering. End-user feedback so far has been very enthusiastic, and we are really proud to introduce this new Agni Link release.



The new Agni Link Configuration Builder gives customers total control over their CAD-ERP integration by allowing them to create or modify their own mappings.

The new Agni Link Configuration Builder gives customers total control over their CAD-ERP integration by allowing them to create or modify their own mappings.

New Agni Link 6 new features include, among other things:

  • A new streamlined, feature-rich user interface built around the Agni Link Integration Dashboard
  • A new, easier to use, Agni Link Configuration Builder, that allows customers to build/modify their own mappings
  • Numerous significant performance enhancements

Agni Link’s open architecture can support a wide range of ERP applications, including, among others, Microsoft Dynamics AX (Axapta), Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) and ECi Solutions M1

Established in 1979, Elmo Solutions is a leader in the creation, management and publishing of engineering documents and metadata. Elmo Solutions also offers a broad range of services related to ERP and CAD data integration.



This 11-minute video gives an overview of the new Agni Link Integration Dashboard:




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