Why Agni Link is more cost-effective than a homebuilt CAD/PDM/PLM to ERP integration?

The current trend is for most IT departments to move away from custom software development (especially if subcontracted), in favor of off-the-shelf, readily developed solutions, mostly because in the long run, the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of a bespoke CAD/PDM/PLM to ERP integration is invariably lower with an off-the-shelf solution such as Agni Link, mostly for the following reasons:

  1. The initial implementation is done at a fixed cost, no matter how complex it is. It is doubtful that a custom-built solution will make that possible.
  2. Any software issues encountered in an off-the-shelf application will be fixed at no extra cost.
  3. Customers do not depend on outside contractors, as they have full control over the integration, which inevitably translates into a lower cost.
  4. Integrations always need ongoing maintenance to accommodate changes in new business needs, new end-user roles, new software versions, etc. With a standard application, changes to integration can be done much faster and cheaper, usually without any programming.
  5. The Agni Link Custom Integration maintenance covers changes needed as a result of a version change in either CAD/PDM/PLM or ERP software.
  6. We understand why people from the engineering dept. do not wish to depend on 3rd parties controlling their integration process. Therefore, we think they should opt for a solution that will allow them to keep remain at all times in total control (using the Agni Link Integration Builder), not depending on their CAD/PDM/PLM partners either.


What are the disadvantages of homegrown CAD/PDM/PLM to ERP integration compared to Agni Link?

On top of cost-related disadvantages, there are also significant disadvantages in a homegrown integration:

  1. Bespoke integrations rely on an export-import approach that, unlike the real-time, bidirectional approach, does not allow validation of CAD data before the transfer to the ERP system.
  2. Homebuilt integrations will not normally allow bidirectional synchronization of data, e.g. updating a vendor code in the CAD application.
  3. One cannot expect that custom software will be as stable and mature as a solution that has been around for nearly 20 years and is used by thousands of users.


In brief

Agni Link, the brainchild of Elmo Solutions’ R+D team, is the result of over 30 years of experience in the CAD, PDM, and PLM domains. Our wizards have designed the link application with quality obsession. Our experts chose the most important feature that is often left out in the industry: the customer’s freedom of choice.

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