BigBangBoMs Program


BigBangBoMs – Bulk-import CAD Data into ERP Safely and Effortlessly… and Without Errors!

Although CAD-ERP data integration is, without any doubt, one of the greatest ideas since sliced bread, it is not always achieved without significant effort. Specifically, the initial capture of product data (namely Items, Bills of Materials and Routings) can prove a quite tedious and error-prone task.

That is why Elmo Solutions has developed the BigBangBoMs Program, targeted specifically at customers who are facing the task of implementing an ERP system, which includes the initialization of data tables, in many cases using the legacy data readily available from CAD documents.

Of course, the progressive approach, which consists in creating product data objects one at a time, has its merits. However, it was found that in most situations, there is a superior approach, the “Big Bang” approach, in which all of the legacy product data that needs to be integrated with the ERP system is created prior to the Go-live, thus ensuring a far superior ROI, and a much better user experience overall.

Adopting a new ERP-CAD data integration or data management solution can have a significant impact on your business processes. The Jumpstart Programs will help you smoothen that transition.


Who Can Benefit

Customers who are contemplating the implementation of an ERP system, or wish to import a significant amount of legacy CAD data into their existing ERP system, and wish to avoid the tedium of getting the existing CAD metadata into their ERP system.

Financial Benefits

Turn-key, rapidly deployed solutions with no hidden costs, ensure a quicker and more significant return on your software investment

Personal benefits

Peace of mind resulting from an improved customer experience throughout the implementation process


What’s Included

The BigBangBoMs Program is a turnkey service that makes optimal use of Elmo Solutions’s CAD-ERP data integration technology, and includes:

  • End-user and administrator interviews
  • Preliminary analysis
  • Batch extraction of all the required CAD metadata
  • CAD metadata cleanup(1)
  • Creation of Items, Bills of Materials and Routings into the ERP system
  • ERP data validation
  • Post-implementation administrator and end-user support

(1) May involve extra costs in cases where extensive cleanup is required