Fixed-Fee CAD ERP Integration Implementation Support Program – No Surprises!

 Enhance the value of your CAD-ERP data integration with the JumpStart Program

(Current revision: Last updated June 26, 2023)

Elmo Solutions, responding to numerous customer requests through years of hands-on experience, has designed the JumpStart Program, a critical implementation program for Agni Link technology. This complete best practice, service, and training package is designed to “JumpStart” your business processes into a more efficient working ERP-CAD data integration or data management solution, in just a few hours.

Adopting a new ERP-CAD data integration or data management solution can have a significant impact on your business processes. These programs will help you smoothen that transition.



Who Can Benefit

New or existing customers that are considering, or have already invested in Agni Link.

Financial Benefits

Turnkey, rapidly deployed solutions with no hidden costs, ensure a quicker and more significant return on your software investment.

Personal benefits

Peace of mind resulting from an improved customer experience throughout the implementation process.


What’s included

Elmo Solutions’ JumpStart Programs are packaged service offerings that cover the full range of implementation support services, among which:

  • End-user and administrator interviews
  • Preliminary analysis
  • Business process analysis
  • Business process improvement recommendations
  • Implementation planning
  • Deployment support
  • One custom-tailored integration – effective Dec. 1, 2021
  • One acceptance test session with out-of-the-box integration
  • One acceptance test session with custom integration
  • One end-user training session
  • One administrator training session
  • Post-implementation administrator and end-user support
  • Follow-up on implementation
  • ROI validation

What may not be included

During the implementation process, it may happen that some new requirements that are not be specifically related to Agni Link may arise. Although they are out of the scope of the Program, the Elmo Solutions team will gladly work on these issues for a nominal fee, on a time & materials basis. Those services are usually related on issues such as:

  • Environment-related issues
    • Technological environment not compliant with the Readiness Checklist
    • Web services improperly exposed
    • Missing/corrupted data objects
    • Diagnostic and/or resolution of performance and response time issues
    • Work resulting from changes in the customer’s technological environment
  • Platform-related issues
    • Unattended access to test environment not available
  • Security-related issues
    • Insufficient permissions
    • CAD/PDM/PLM application improperly licensed
    • ERP application improperly licensed
  • Knowledge-related issues
    • Technical support on CAD/PDM/PLM application
    • Technical support on ERP application
  • Out-of-scope work
    • Customizations that require changes to the Elmo Solutions source code
    • Customizations that require scripting
    • Supplementary sessions at customer’s request
      • Testing
      • Training
      • Consulting
    • Platform-related work
      • Work on ERP-side customizations on:
        • API
        • Extensions
        • Web Services
        • Orchestrations
        • Integration Scenarios
        • etc.
      • Research and consulting resulting from defects beyond the control of Elmo Solutions
    • Switching from test/sandbox environment to production environment
    • Consulting on the building of Custom Integrations
  • Idle time resulting from causes beyond the control of Elmo Solutions
  • Human Resources-related issues
    • Work arising from non-technical issues
      • Difficult customer employees
      • Crisis management
      • etc.



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