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 Agni Link Proof of Concept


Still Not 100% Convinced Yet? Sign Up for the Proof of Concept

Developed by popular demand, the Elmo Solutions Proof of Concept Program allows potential customer to evaluate our CAD-ERP data integration solution for a limited time (30 days), for a nominal fee.


You could have it for free!

That’s right: if, before the end of the 30-day trial period, you decide to go forward with the full deployment (i.e. ERP and CAD Connectors, JumpStart Program, Custom Integration and 24-month subscription), 100% of the cost of the Proof of Concept Program will be deducted from your initial invoice.


Who Can Benefit

Potential customers that are considering, or have already invested in Agni Link CAD/PDM/PLM integration for the first time.


Financial Benefits

The Proof of Concept is a low-cost, limited-risk opportunity to put to trial the best CAD-ERP data integration solution money can buy.


Personal benefits

Peace of mind resulting from a lower perceived risk.


What’s included

Elmo Solutions’ Proof of Concept Program is a packaged service offering that covers the following implementation support services:

  • End-user and administrator interviews
  • Test environment setup
  • End-user training
  • Post-implementation end-user support
  • Follow-up on implementation

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